Monday, December 09, 2013

Thus Far Or " Look Honey, We Haven't Seen That $80.00 Bottle Of Orbox In Two Months ! "

Lately we had noticed that Gracie Marie had been sneezing more than the occasional " Damn Mama , could you dust the wood floors ?" I made a call to Dr. Tom.last Tuesday and scheduled for 9:30 am on Saturday..I know..I know..anyhoo Thursday night we noticed that Boschka was looking like she felt puny and she had also been sneezing so I called and arranged to bring both the girls in .One of my personal pet peeves is appointments that show up with more than the scheduled number of people/clients/victims.  I see it all the time at the firm and it just pisses me off. There was no problem so of we went.

Gracie Marie is just fine, peachy keen in full health.

Boschka.............................not so much.

My baby's sick y'all.

She has a stuffy nose so she hadn't been eating. If cats and I assume dogs for that matter can't smell their food they won't eat. This led to dehydration. Her tonsils are enlarged and inflamed with what sounds for all the world like Feline tonsillitis.

Four hours of tests/ waiting time later....

She has an upper respiratory infection , a UTI and then it  got better.


Tom did a pretty extensive blood panel when he came back in to tell us that her blood sugar was through the roof. They took another urine sample and at that point this heathen was praying for all it was worth....



Tom is not sure if it presented because :

1. The stress of being sick.
2. The stress of being sick and having to go to the vet. ( that would be considered being outside for my baby, she's an indoor girl.)
3. There the whole time and flaring up now.

So..she has 3 meds to take, one a liquid Valium to stimulate her appetite ( brat won't share either ) . We have to give her baby food mixed with pedialite orally and she goes back Saturday at 9 am.

I am just beside myself.

Her Mama.

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kleinwort said...

(((Honey))) Poor Boschka! OK, we'll keep up the prayer action here, sweetie. Sounds like Doc Tom is on top of it and between his care, yours and SU's, the little B has a lot going for her.