Tuesday, December 17, 2013


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It's odd to have the tree in one piece. Up until last year, we hadn't put up a tree in 8 years because  I could not deal with any of it at all. My father passed away January 9'th , 2004 . Finally last year, I felt that it was time so the tree went up.

Mind you, an artificial tree is not meant to  stay in the attic . LOL. You guessed it . That's where we stored it so last year and the poor thing looked like it had mange, we threw it out and decided to get a new one. Now, as much as I like BIG trees, it just doesn't make sense for us to have the Jethro Beaudine size. The previous tree was a 4 1/2 foot tree that we got from Lowes . It fit on the end table and so we thought it was fine. It was actually too big so this year when Walgreens had one for $19.99 , off he went . this thing is maybe 3 feet tall and perfect. Of course it takes smaller ornaments so I will pick some up after the holidays. Other than that it meets all the requirements.........it's pre-lit/pre-wired. You don't want to be in the Casa when hisself has to string lights...I personally don't want to be on the planet.

Sadly tho, we have no kittens stirring to climb it or play with ornaments or sleep under it. I never realized how much I would miss fussing at them as they chose ornaments to fondle. Everyone was a decorator with an opinion. I used to get so irked. Of course now as I have demonstrated, the ornaments don't bounce off the wood floor like they did on carpet to again I have to remind myself..." Soft cloth foldy ones on the bottom.".

Every tradition has to start somewhere so we will adapt to an only child who can't quite figure out if she is supposed to be entertained by all of this or not.

Feliz Navidad Y'all.


Aunty Pol

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