Friday, June 18, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday !

Happy Friday everyone.
It's been a rather odd one at the Casa.
Yes, we got LOLA home.
We love the car.
We don't love , or I should say that I do not love ( does not want !) having to turn the situation over to SU for resolution.
That shit just pisses me off all the more.
When we opted to put leather seats/interior in , we were told by our Sales ho that it would be the end of the day Monday....Tuesday at the latest.
So , of course we were like two little kids on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa...yep...really mature at our ages ...LOL.
So of course I got a call at the office on Monday that it would be Tuesday.
Fine is by the way one of my all time favorite four letter's all about the inflection ya know.
I call about 2 pm on Tuesday and get the same heming and hawing avoidance of a straight answer from the Sales ho about a pick up time.
Sensing this I am by now ROYALLY PISSED !
I tell Sales ho that I will be picking up the car at 7 pm.
I am livid.
The dealership told us that they could do the leather cheaper than the factory...cheaper yes...faster ?
Not so much.
We had opted to get the stitching done in the color of the car...they ended up only doing the steering wheel and the inside door handle dealy bits...if there is a proper name for that bit , I don't know it.
I don't sew.
Never have.
Yes I can replace a button or do up a hem...but that's it.
My late mother and mother in law both sewed.
I had a sewing machine and I know what little brain power and dexterity it takes to change a friggan thread bobbin.
It was such complete and utter bullshit that I had to call SU because LOLA had now become my version of his saga last year with the dentures.
I was that pissed.
If I ask you a question, by Bast , you had better give me a straight answer...especially when I have just handed you a cashiers check the previous week for $20,059.49...the full price of the car.
And as these things go , SU gets the answer and we pick up the car.
Happy Happy Joy Joy.
This offsets the massive sinus issue that I have been having all week, but not enough to prevent me missing 2 days work and thus blowing my standard 5 hours of OT I work a week .
Someone at work said that they thought that I was just running the streets in the new car.
Oh yeah...dats me....use 2 days worth of PTO and lose 5 Hrs OT in a car I just bought ...I guess they thought I didn't need the OT ever again..
And then this am , Hisself gets his way the hell overdue eye exam and has to come next door to my office to tell me that it is $560.00 drive out....$160.00 more than we'd planned on and way more than my bit in January.
So I am just poo'ing money this week.
But then I RX had not changed..I just needed new glasses because I had fubared mine so badly.
His RX had really changed for the worse.
If I can figure out the logic...then I am fine.
So I get to trot to Chase at lunch which I planned already since I need to transfer funds to pay off my sister in law...see...more pooing of the $$$$.
As a bonus , of course I fell an elevator, but the only witness was a gal pal who is as much of a klutz as I am...and I don't think I broke any toes since I can put weight on the foot and can walk....sigh..of course it was the left leg...
On the upside, we are going to join Pop for Fathers Day church service ( second service...I am not nuts ) and NG Cindy is joining us. She lost her father in January and since her roomie NG Jeri will be out and about...presto. SU thought I was kidding about going until I said : " Dude, I called NeeNee to see when the second service is ". His plan was to go to the service then spend the rest of the day with his father and I said fine....I will split with Cindy after church and we will go out to lunch....easy peasy.
So..the pluses out weigh the minus's this week....thank Bast.
Have a great weekend .
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

(((Oh, honey)))) I'm reading this a week late... don't ask - the vacation has NOT been a vacation, but this ain't about me.

I haven't read ahead so just lotsa hugs for now!