Thursday, June 03, 2010

Gotta Call BULLSHIT On This One !

Over the last 28 years , I have had an interesting variety of job related responsibilities.
So sayeth your Aunty with a straight face .
Bear in mind that it's been a challenging 2 weeks at the Casa.....
I order flowers for employees who are in the hospital , welcoming a new tax deduction , or on the sad occasion of a death...yeah..irony much ?
I get copied in an e mail from the managing partner about a death needing the above mentioned floral arrangement...yada yada yada.
The wording made it sound as if possibly the decedent was the father of an attorney at the firm. I checked the name off against the alpha list.
We have three large and Philadelphia and then a sole practice in Denver.
We have over 100 + attorneys between the three and while this makes us mid size more or makes it rather impossible to know every bloody name in Atlanta and Philadelphia.
Not an attorney or a staff member.
Moving along....
I see one of the partners whose name is supposed to go on the order and the card and enquire as to the identity. It turns out that the late gentleman is the father of a client/close friend of a few of the partners..four of them to be exact.
Solve Identity: Check.
I get all of the data , finally..(!) but not a ballpark on the amount to spend. I can tell you from both years and more recent experience that you won't even get CRAP for under $100.00 .
I end up calling the originator of the e mail's secretary to explain that I need information...a dollar know...the really DIFFICULT stuff.
Her " Did you get so n so's e- mail ? "
Me: " I'm opening it now since I got it THREE seconds ago."
He gives me a really inappropriate amount and says " Use my credit card ."
Imagine if you will tires screeching as you hit the brakes doing about ..oh ...say 80 mph.
I then explain that I do not, and will not EVER FOR ANY REASON use another persons credit card number.
The secretary got twitterpated..I mean Bambi in the headlights.
" Buh,,buh....wha???"
Nope..sorry precious.
If your boss wants to send a personal funeral arrangement using his PERSONAL credit card ...I will be happy to provide you the number of the florist we regularly use.
To cap it off...I went back to look at the last e mail....
Smooth move there forgot to give me the credit card number in the first place.
Is it Friday yet ?
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

ROFL!! No sweetie, it's not. But soon!!