Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Lordy ~ They Grow Up So Fast !

The top photo is from Dakota's first day of school ever. She looks a little unsure...somewhat..." Are you sure about leaving me here ?"
The bottom is of her recent graduation from Pre School.
Look at that confident smile !
Being older than dirt , my only real recollection of kindergarten at Louisa May Alcott Elementary School in Claremont , California consists of naps..graham crackers and milk and the Santa Ana winds that would be so hot the crayola's would melt in your desk and you'd get sent home of it melted the tar'd blacktop play area....which it usually did.
I am the first to admit that since SU and I aren't parents...or at our age grandparents...I am at somewhat of a loss as to the phenomena of graduating for every little bump in the road. Personally I think that for some , it can be taken too far ...to the point of WTF ? absurdity.
Yet..and yes...I freely admit I am a tad biased....if it helps a child's social skills, especially if the child in question is an only child...( ahem...nephew Len ~ former Demon Child From Hell comes to mind )..then maybe it's not a bad thing if kept within reason.
There are ads down here for some sort of soccer league for kids where they guarantee the parental units that their spawn will get the chance to play and will more than likely get some sort of accolade...ALL OF THEM !

Great !
Part of growing up is learning the following:
1. You don't always win.
2. You don't always get your way.
3. Being gracious in the above situations will serve you all through out your life.
While I am very proud of Dakota and both of her parents, I hope that they keep a clear perspective and avoid raising the dreaded " Child Of Entitlement ."
If not...the poor COE will be aghast to meet me...the Granty ( Great Aunt) who is not afraid to BE THE BAD GUY WHO SAYS NO AND MEANS IT !
Aunty Pol

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