Monday, June 07, 2010

Finally ~ Thank You ROGER ~ ~ !

Anyone who knows me , knows that when it comes right down to it , I am just another Over The Hill Hippie ( Hill ? What Hill ? Dude...where did that come from ? and...yes ...FRODO LIVES !)
who loves RPG's ( Role Playing Games...NO , not that kind !) . I was a DND player when it started and eventually worked my way up to Game run the game..which is a lot of work...
Stop laughing Roger, just because I HATE MATH >>>>>!
I've played for the last 10 years on line with the same group globally . We've played one variation or another based on Frank Herbert's " Dune " for the greater part of this duration.
While never as big as WOW for example , we've pretty much hung together and been through an awful lot. Death, divorce, SPACE COW (!) ...we've become that rather unusual group who knows each others real names, addresses, spouse and pet names....even hosting visits when one of us is in the same country/city/time zone.
All of my friends are used to this and some day I will get past the point of anyone remembering when the Duchess Polgara Moritani e mailed her resource /turn sheet to both her GM ( game master) and the accounting department at the office.
Yeah....I did that.
Lesson learned.
Thankfully my boss at the time was also a Dune Fan.
Dearest Roger , aka " Count Thalim" or just CT is finally writing a new non Dune game which will start soon.
I've already registered, logged in ,bookmarked and copied the posting thus far on feats, attributes, skills and character development.
I think the lapse in the game is why I actually fell into Facebooks Farmville, Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars...sheer boredom.
As a former teacher and degree 'd English Lit floozie, I long ago discovered how much I miss writing.
In the rpg's the way that we do them, Roger as GM will encourage you to develop your character and their history and back story as fully as you'd like.
Trust me...I am the full biographer type who will rough out 5 or 6 pages for each character without even realizing it.
It's much like this blog.
It's my sanity and my voice .
I can be totally focused to the game and the character and killing those who just needed to be killed ..on the game site.
Here I can be who I need to be , the Goddess of Snark , who is completely devoted to her gal pals , guy pals, and of course all things pertaining to dah kittehs.
In gaming there are clear rules.
You must define anything you write within the game as IC ( in character) or OOC ( out of character ). You may not be a bully out of character or a pissant ( Rael and Liam come to mind and I can say that here because ..1. It's my blog and 2. I said it to them directly).
You are responsible for what you do and the way you treat others.
A few years ago, Roger poisoned my character with an toxin that I had to work toward neutralizing...because I killed his high ranking Mentat.
Did we take it personally ?
Still dearest friends...of course.
I am very careful in this blog to maintain respect for my employer since I know that a few close co-workers read this. that Blogger has decided that we can post ...John Barrowman will be is Monday after all....and all of the both regular and irregular stuff will resume save that I promised Miss Lisa a week free from recipe torture since I was so happy that Peggy Sue came back to her and has her " Forever Home " with Miss Lisa over at " The Adventures of Space Paws".
Thank you Roger for starting the know I am still your cheerleader. Thank you to his lovely wife who awaits the birth of their first child for her added input to the game.
Farmville may suffer a bit as will all other things on Facebook ..but..
Never Fear...
As long as I have a smart mouth and something either pisses me off or makes me laugh my ass off....
Let the posting begin.
Oh and Roger.....resource sheet template/guideline please !?!?!......with Sprinkles ?????
Have a great all deserve it .
Aunty Pol


Count Thalim said...

First: Not the Space Cow, we do not talk about the space cow!!! @_@

Right now that that is out the way...

Hehe, Methinks someone has been going a little crazy without her creative outlet to pour insanity into.

Character sheets and more detail are going up this week (Once I've written them..)


HubbleSpacePaws said...

:-) My everlasting gratitude for a week free of temptation, Aunty! I can not express how happy I am my girl is home. Now, with Aggie and Percy visiting, all seems right in the world. (Ali may have to fight to get them back!!)