Monday, June 21, 2010

This Is A PSA From Xena To All The Kitteh And Puppeh Parents !

Hi, my Mommy said that I could do this because I am her MaYaoYao and this is important.
All of you kittehs and even you puppehs pay attention.
It is very hot this time of year, especially down here in Texas and along the Gulf Coasts .
Tell your parents that you need to be sure that you have lots of extra sparkly clean ( water) and it may help if your Mommy or Daddy or both even do what ours does.
This time of year the water in the pipes may be warmer than we like so be sure to tell your parents that you LIKE ice cubes in your sparkly clean.
We LIKE little kitten cocktails or puppy cocktails stay safe and hydrated.
Remember...what they spend at the icky Vets means less toys and treats for us.
Personally , I like it when Mommy has a big glass of ice water and rubs it along my sides ( with the fur Mommy ....not against....M'kay ?)....I sit there and make biscuits and I purr and I like it.
Just a thought.
Night Night,
Xenie Gabbini....Queen of the Universe.

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

Your majesty, your wish is our command! Cocktails are regularly enjoyed at our house and we will implement ice water glass rubs immediately!