Monday, June 21, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Happy Monday People .
I hope that every one had a nice weekend and a happy Fathers Day where appropriate.
It is officially the first day of summer and hotter than Satan's Underoos again. It's been in the upper 90's for a week or more and about 45% humidity...kill me naow.
Even the SU who is basically a lizard says that it is too damn hot, and that says a lot. We are keeping Gracie Marie and Andy in as much as we can except to piddle and everyone is now having little kitten coctails..yes....Mommy puts ice chubes in their water.
I got up and watered early on Saturday..well , early for me....7:30 am and by the time that I had done what I could it was 11: 30. By 1 pm I was so beat that I actually took a nap...almost unheard of for me to actually do more than doze ...I crashed for 3 hours.
Yesterday we went to Church with Pop , and the NG Cindy joined us . She did pretty well considering that this is the first FD since she has lost her own father this January, over all we did fairly well except for the power point thingy on Fathers...I was proud of her.
SU went back to Pop's for a while and since I had promised to take Cindy to lunch we came home to get the hell out of the Church Clothes and find shorts. After checking on the brisket...low and slow in the oven is great but still heats the joint up too we went for Mexican. Not being the designated driver, I could of course have a "rita or 2 ..LOL....then off to Super Target so I can spend money like a heathen .
Sheets- Check
New Cushions for the Patio Chairs- Check
New Chair for Patio - Check
New Pillow for New Chair - Check
Batteries for Flameless Candles - Check
New Color Coordinated Towels for LOLA - Check
New Microfiber Clothes to wash LOLA with - Check
New Purses for the Mommy Check - Bonus Points for them being on Clearance - SCORE !
New Small Covered Trash Bin for Patio - Check
Assorted Groceries - Check
I told Cindy that I had X-dollars in the buggy...I was under by less than 4 dollars.
I now scare her...!
Naturally the girls came over for was Sunday and all .
It works out nicely..we love to cook...they love to eat.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

1 comment:

HubbleSpacePaws said...

:-) Like you hadn't just spent enough on LOLA!! But your shopping acumen is truly impressive!

Can relate to the sweltering heat. Last year I stupidly took vacation in August. Swore I'd go for a cooler month next time. Ha!!!

We plan, God laughs. Hottest week of the year. Record breaking. (upper 90s, high humidity... nights hovering high 70s to mid 80s w/no let up in humidity).

*Sigh* No central air yet and a house full of kittehs who think the woman being home is just great 'cause they get to sit on her and lay on her and help her with all the paperwork she has to do on this vacation (don't ask) and the sweat that courses down her body is mighty tasty... well, you get the picture.

But it's an excuse not to attempt some of the more strenuous things I had planned for the week and I'm not at work ... that's something! ;-)