Monday, June 07, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

All things considered , it was a nice weekend..peaceful and non stressful which we both sorely needed.
Saturday we did some chores and then went to pick out and put a deposit down on LOLA . As soon as the check arrives , I can take it to the bank and after it clears ( a day or 2 at the most according to Chase )...for a mere $8.00 , I will have a cashiers check to pay for the lovely lady IN FULL and then...........BAM...put the leather seats in mah new ride.
Clutter was met full on in a couple of areas that were OMG.." It Lives!" which I am pretty happy about...lovely dinner and the new season of " Next Food Network Star".
Yes , children...this is your life when you get to our age, our parents had " Lawrence Welk"...we have the Food Network...also known as there ain't Jack Shit on the t slant v right now..sigh.
Of course it's muggier than hell down here ( is Hell actually muggy ? I think not )....we call it the air you can wear.
Oh , and I have decided that at our age...if it cost us $100.00 for 2 cubic yards of mulch to be delivered..then we lay it all out.....and Mr . Trejo gave me a quote to do all 8 beds for $120.00...OH HELL YEAH !
Have a great week.
Lola's New Momma...Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Amen, Aunty! Yeah, TFN is the fallback of choice... on as I type. And mulch delivery... oh, yeah. Just as my next (and, hopefully, ONLY) move will be done by professionals. I have fully embraced the Danny Glover mantra... I'm too old for this. (And way too smart!)

I peeked ahead, so just a little squee here for the new copper mama... I like the name, too!