Saturday, June 26, 2010

Red Alert From Sgt. Andy Panda Pants !

From: PPHQ ( Patio Patrol HeadQuarters)
Status : Defcon 4
Item In Question: Female Black Croc Garden Shoe Thingy
My Mommy is losing her mind, what little there is of it .
We had a squillion drops of wet things the other night and lots of Boom Booms .
My HQ flooded but not so had that it got in the barracks.
Part of mommy's uniform is missing so if any one sees a black croc shoe thingy, there is a substantial reward offered....( careful you really want to share your treats ?)
Mommy has further demonstrated that she is losing it because she moved my stuff and put new stuffs out there too.
I only have so much furr to rubs on all of it and I am only one kitteh.
Mancats gotta do what a Mancats gotta do !

Sheesh..all I did was buy one more chair and pillow for the IceHouse !! have another option to perch on while on patrol !
Get Over It.
Have a great day and if you see a black croc..childrens size...I have small feet...let me know.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Washed away, did it? Well, tell mom thems is the chances ya take when you don't bring your toys inside. ;-)

Oh, and Andy, please tell your mom we're still waiting for customer action shots of LOLA and jewelry, won't you? I don't want to tell her 'cause I'm afraid she'll get mad at me, but she loooooves you!

Aunty Pol said...

Gonna be a while on the action shots ....Gordy was out at the ice house that I freally didn't want him to take my girl to and got hit.

He's fine, dude has insurance...I cried first ever new ndew, not used.

I'm only moderately livid and too angry to use it in a post...



Aunty Pol said...



HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, no!!! ((((Aunty))))

Glad G's OK (main thing), but that's just heartbreaking. I feel your pain, hon. How long til the metal surgeon does his thing?

palafoxstudio23 said...

totally cute!!