Friday, July 02, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

No, I didn't fall off the planet.
There's just been a lot of stuffz going on ...
Aw Hells Bells..I've spent way the hell too much time om Facebook playing Farmville, Frontierville , Vampire Wars and Mafia Wars...
The missing croc thank you Jeebus has been located . It had floated under the CatHouse.
You heard me.
The CatHouse.
SU actually built Andy a fort which was immediately dubbed the " CatHouse ". It is painted the same gray that the hardiplank is and he even carpeted the whole interior. It has a front ledge aka porch and is raised up off the patio to prevent damage.
I always forget that it is raised so after he read Sgt. Andy's report, SU promptly went out , and Voila !
And it's raining here.
Yes, we needed the rain and I am profoundly grateful that it wasn't another IKE, but jeeze Louise ...we do not need all of the rain at once. A few years ago we had Tropical Storm Allison and it sat over us for about 4 or 5 days as I recall...and rained...and rained...and rained. Parts of Houston that NEVER flood did just that.
On the upside, I won't have the ginormous water bill at this rate, but...there is an area in the front bed where the water pours off the roof and it has blasted the new mulch off of one corner. I think I'm going to have to take some of the river rock that I have on the back patio in a bucket and just lay it down on that corner to prevent more erosion...aren't I the clever girl.
Andy is twitterpated because he hates the rain and is loathe to go outskie boutskie. No...he won't use the box..we've given up but save that fact , he would be the perfect indoor kitty and we pay close attention to the time and his needs....yes ...they really do run the house .
I am quite pleased with my Etsy loot. Most of it has come in and I love it all. One darling woman who made me that bracelet is so nice. I told her that unfortunately , it was too big and she was kind enough to remake it for me in a smaller size for a nominal price. Off it will go in the post next week..this week was occupied with other mundane things..response letter to the IRS with the data we neglected to furnish with our return. No big deal , save that I am mortified....I do work for TAX attorneys after all.
Back to the loot.
I used to be a world class shopper.
Since the advent of cell phones and I hate to say it but for the most part women who feel it is a Gaia given right to yap their asses off in the store ( pick's much the same ) while shopping and end up damn near every time either blocking the aisle/product I need with their buggy ( we live in the South, they aren't carts , they are buggys, thankyouverymuch)...throw in crying, screaming, out of control children and no. SU does the majority of the Kroger/Sams/Target/Petsmart motto is " I buy, you fly." Add to that the fact that even after a complete hysterectomy at the tender age of 31 in 1986.. yes...I am 55 , people..the math ain't that hard y'all.....I am prone to hot flashes. They never go just have to treat them like power surges...but ...after a long, tense day at the office....I am not your new best friend Missy with the phone/child/buggy thing going on..." MOVE YOUR ASS NOW !"
Etsy therefore was a revelation.
The artists that I buy from, and they are just that are genuinely nice. I have had immediate thank yous for my purchases from them, and they are sincerely committed to ..wait for it....wait...wait...." Customer Satisfaction."
They all take a great deal of pride in their talents without being the " Obnoxious Artiste" types and you can't beat the prices.
I love rose gold and copper and there is some great stuff out there..especially if you love lampwork beads as much as I do. It's all unique and fun. They all take PayPal which really is safe and
Check it to sign up....scads of cool stuff....and great time wastage for your inner shopper.
Have a great and safe holiday...I'll be posting more...oh and before I forget...donate to IBKC if you's the linky.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Ahhh... glad the croc hunt is over! And that you've got rain. We could sure use some here! Ugh... I hate dry spells. Seems like no matter how much you water, it just ain't the same for the plants. They get a day of rain and look totally different!!

Big treat to self. Stayed up til 3 am the other day just to catch "My Name is Bruce." (Why don't I own this?) 'Course being on vacation made that possible!