Friday, July 30, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Oh yeah, my boy in a Tux !
Happy Friday to one and all. Thus far it's been a pretty easy day, ie dead. I think a lot of this is due to the fact that schools start down here in a few weeks and so everyone is taking advantage of the opportunity to scamper out of here early to go out and about as my father used to say.
So far the great pumpkin 'speriment is going okay. Last night started out fairly insanely tho, even for a Thursday.
Lil Miss Super Pooper managed to turn back a corner of the plastic the night before( Wednesday) where the third box is and left her gift to her mommy and Daddy....on the carpet ...again. She has a habit of trying to bury her dinner plate when she is done or right off the bat when i put it down if it is not to her elevated standards. So I know that she knows how to scratch at something to turn a corner back, I 'm forever after her to " That's nice sweetie , but Mommy doesn't need the QUIT IT !" Because it is canned food, when she does that to not only hers but everyone elses, she manages to get the place mat in the food so I end up washing them more often that say in the usual case of " Oh goodie..who just yodeled their food back up ?"...I know...too much information.
We didn't have time to grab the carpet cleaner before leaving for work so yo can well imagine my reaction to coming home to NO FRIGGAN POWER ...AGAIN !
To say that I was a happy gurl would have been a hell of a stretch. Thankfully it was only for an hour this time so the Daddy did his thang and I broke out the pumpkin. They all loved it and I have some left but Sistah is going to send me some down from the big Paloose since our stores don't seen to carry it this time of year and it is not interchangeable with punkin pie filling for the kittys.
And the gals next door are having some issues. They have usually worked different hours so that was a boon. You h ave to understand that they are the female version of Felix and Oscar. Things will work out once Jere Lee has a permanent jobbie and I have told her that she can always hang out at our house since she knows that I am not at all shy about running the A/C - hello...South Texas in summer...sheesh. Their power bill wasn't that bad but as predicted Cindy freaked the F out and then they also had some interior A/C unit issues and blah blah will all work out....I hope to Bast.
Other than that, not much is planned . I have to stop at TarJay because I have just noticed that the lavender tee shirt that I have on has an ink pen bit on it and I can't place too much faith that shout will in fact get it out and I need this particular tee shirt to go with the cardigan that I am there ya are. I can also pick up some kitty food and a couple of those off blue thingymabobs for the ice house for the skeeters....I will pick up a couple extra for Jere Lee and the Gazebo since I know that she has family in from Thibidoux this weekend.
OH and this part will be fun. I get to send an e mail from the house to a former co-worker who is now at BP..hey ..not her fault so lets not all go there...anyhoo...Fluffy of all people used my gal pals name liberally in her cover letter/application.
LMAO...I told gal pal that Fluffy was bat shit crazy ( a direct quote ) and that I would e mail her from my house to her house to further enlighten her.
My parents did not raise a stupid child.
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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