Thursday, July 08, 2010

A True WTF Moment

This just about blew my mind.
I cannot in any fashion imagine that Blizzard is this stupid.
Read the above...I'll wait.
Granted that I have been playing RPG's in a PBP ( Role Playing Games in a Play By Play or email format ) with the same group for 10 years or more and that we are a smaller group now...the idea that WOW ( Blizzard) can monitor their chat rooms/forums using players real names to reduce flaming is just plain .." What the fuck " thinking.
No other way to put it.
Any GM ( game master ) worth his or her salt would set up clearly defined codes of behavior and enforce them.
One of the biggest rules is that a player much note whether they are responding to a post or responding in a chat room in character or out of character..IC or OOC.
Usually IC posts are given a pretty wide berth ....the players know from the actions posted on the boards that arguments or open warfare or stealing someones melange silos or killing their high ranked Mentat ( snerk) will provoke a pretty amazing reaction.
I have seen players ( Liam and Rael ) come to mind that go off the deep end OOC , and in one particular case , one of the above was literally forced to publicly apologize to another player because he had gone off the deep end at her on the board.
To my dying day I will cherish the fact that I am the only one he's ever had to publicly apologize to...thankyouverymuch.
Blizzard's scorched earth policy will hurt them where it their profits.
Because I play in closed to the public unless a referral is given, I know all of my friends real lives and they know mine.
If I have a bone to pick, I'm as apt to pick up the phone and sort it all out..regardless of the country the other party lives in..that's just my way.
If I ever had a notion of playing WOW..this killed it.
Let's see how long the game lives on, shall we ?
Aunty Pol

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