Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Perfect Pala

Miss Pala Fox is a genius !
This lovely lady re-made the bracelet for me for only a smidge and it is perfect !
The picture below is of a pair of earrings that I also found on Etsy that I think are a pretty damn good match for the bracelet. I had originally thought that I could wear a plain pair of rose gold hoops that I have with the bracelet but then I found those little beauties and knew it was meant for me. The earrings aren't as large as some of the others that I have recently purchased which in this case is preferred because it's all about the proportion. If they were too large , it all becomes too much. As much as I love Art Nouveau andSteampunk...yes...Steampunk has it's origins in Art Nouveau , I rarely like to wear a matched set of earrings and necklace. It's a little too Boca for me and not very interesting . Come tho think of it, I can't remember the last time I wore any sort of a reminds me too much of my late mother.....she of the " Gotta Match ( Insert Gene Kelly's Gotta Dance voice here ) " and that just makes me bat shit crazy. Like her I am gifted with the ability to match color but unlike her I am not bound by that rule.
I am sooo excited to have set in motion the gears for the long weekend mid Rocktober to zoom due west to see the sister of my heart and Double O Mullet. It's only a long 4 day weekend or so and it will have to suffice for Moi for 2010's vacation. The other 2 ladies that I have to work with have managed between the two of them to call dibs on damn near every long weekend or holiday through the end of the year....the way we have to work it has to be carefully planned to ensure proper coverage for our function at the firm and moreover...that's just how they are.
It's been a very hard year for Hisself and I and I think part of the reason that this last cold has sooo completely kicked my ample ass is that I am simply put spent....too beat to boogie....worn out....T I R E D ! I usually bounce back after dah cold but it's been a bit over a week and I am still draggin wagon.
Then it really hit me.
I am just mentally and emotionally worn out with everything that has gone on .
I need to go where I can just veg or not , hang with people I trust above all others ( other than you Dingbat so don't get all offended and that crap...goober)...knowing that there is no effort in the simple pleasure that we take in being in each other's company. I may give Double O Mullet the gigantic raft of crap....and he dishes it back quite nicely but we've done that for damn near 35 years and like any other family, we can do that to each other with immunity...God help any outsider that tries to do the same. DOM and I both delight in playing with our prey and we know that Sistah is there to back us up or chime in as the voice of reason....known in our younger days as " Oh shit....cops."
I'm still hating this Windows 8 shit that I have at the office...a truer example of a POS I have never seen.
Have a great rest of the week....we're half way through.
Aunty Pol

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