Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another Adventure For The Aunty

Well, this should be interesting.
I am off in the prospect of finding a new nail shop;
I am one of those women who have their bi-monthly ritual.
I get the mani-pedi.
I have done so for over thirty years.
Other than the shop closing or my relocating to another part of town , it takes a lot for me to change shops.
Top of the list is inflicted pain.
I had that experience at the shop I am leaving during my last visit.
For the most part, I have no problem going to a Vietnamese owned shop.
You can't hardly find any other kind down here.
My only beef is that I do wish that any foreign born business made sure that their staff spoke enough English to be able to converse with ease to their clients, I don't think that is too much to ask and I am sure that if I were in another country , I would be required to be at some level of proficiency in their language..I'd think at the very least it would be considered good manners..but then what do I know .
I applaud anyone who is a small business owner trying to run their business,keep a staff, pay taxes and so on.
I draw the line at an employee who comes over and not only inflicts pain upon me but then to make matters worse is not reprimanded by the owner.
And yes, that happened.
Jere Lee said that her gal has a new shop so I made an appt for today at 3 pm.
It's only about 15 minutes or less from he house...bonus so off we went.
They were busy..ok..but I had an appt.
Then I realized that it was just her and her husband so I said being nice and all...I can come back at 5 .
We shall see.
I need to get work done on the paws and claws but an not committed to this shop.
I hate the search but it is what it is .
I will let all y'all it is all about me.
Aunty Pol

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