Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ok..So It's Not Monday ~ You Still Get The Barrowman !

There..happy now ?
Mea Culpa...Moving on.
It's officially hotter than Satan's Underoos right now. The temp outside that I saw at 4 pm was 99 degrees...no mention of the heat index , thanks be to Bast. I don't want to know . Andy is going to continue to be one po'd kitteh boychik because we refuse to let him out in this heat and even though we both know that he goes to the girls garage..um..no son. You all have seen pictures of him, he is a great big long haired man cat ...again son ...no. Same goes for Gracie Marie. Sorry dear.
Other than that..nothing is going on .
I like it.
I'm counting the days till I can get the hell out of here for a few days and have an autumn again tho with my luck it will be a late Indian Summer.
Aunty Pol

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