Friday, August 20, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Really TGIF.
It looks like the 3 + ring circus that I have been having to babysit is going to wind up today...take next week off till the 27'th and then come in the following week ..up till Labor Day.
Le Sigh.
I don''t know that I can recall a more raucous cluster fuck than this one....screaming, yelling, insolent entitled lil princess legal assistants....I've seen 3 year olds act with more decorum.
And we are still under a heat of course Sgt. Panda Pants is muy pissed off that his 'rents made his furry ass stay in today..sorry is what it is.
No real plans for the weekend except the usual Mt. Maytag and tidivation of the joint while SU has a co-workers B'day party to attend tomorrow thanks dear...I hear about them every day on the way home and have no desire to spend what little free time I have doing the same...I have plenty to do...carry on.
Oh wait..I do have plans for the weekend...I plan on avoiding any bricks and mortar establishment this weekend as it it the back to school tax free shopping weekend....OH HELL NOES !

Have a great weekend.
Ciao ,
Aunty Pol

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