Wednesday, August 04, 2010

We All Sound Like Our Parents Sooner Or Later ~ Just Accept It And Carry On !

Back in the Dark Ages when I was a kid, we savored Buster Crabbe as " Flash Gordon. " Yes, even then we knew it was all a tad hokey , but hey...if William Hopper aka son of Heda aka Paul Drake could do B grade movies about giant insects or alien invasion, it was all well and good.
Technology then was the promise of flying cars, jet packs and the hope that maybe, just maybe half the shit we saw on the "Jetsons "or " Lost In Space " could really come to pass.
For children of the 1950's with our bomb shelters in the back yard and practice drills for the day that the " Red Menace" would drop the bomb, the idea of the year 2000 was something that you heard in your head being described by that booming voice as " The World Of Tomorrow ".
Technology was supposed to enhance our lives and make it better, not to be taken to the point of the Butlerian Jihad, just easier and therefore more productive.
I am here typing this because of technology. I can DVR programs at home to my hearts content because of technology. I can nuke something because of technology...I love the gadgets.
I really do.
That does not necessarily give me the right or worse yet the aura of entitlement that I see around me all day , everyday to both blithely and blindly go through life doing what I want whenever I want ...BECAUSE I CAN.!
Four out of five or some weeks , 5 days a week the SU and I are torn between being irritated, annoyed or just freaked out at the number of times we are nearly hit, sideswiped , t-boned, cut off or generally put in the " Brace for Collision " mode on our commutes both to and from work.
Worse yet is the offender/perps reaction at our less than awe at their talented skills and or in some cases my hand gestures and no I am not talking about flipping them off....they are stunned and offended that we have the gaul to react to their incursion into our physical locale.
Sir or madame, you may be all things to all people in your world , but you do not have the right to put our lives at risk in the real one because you insist upon being a complete ass. If you happen to be a parent..think about the scenario where it is not my life you is your child at risk..
Aunty Pol

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