Friday, August 13, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday y'all !
I thought since the posts have been thin this week that I would throw up some extra Chuck Findleys ...'cause I'm caring like that .
It's still hotter than Satans Underoos down here and the sinus headache from Hell won't go away..certain co workers of all status levels are losing their Spidy senses because the patience with their ill mannered sense of entitlement, proclivity for out and out bullshit ( and not even good bullshit might I add) and general pain in the assidness is wearing so very thin that they are just blithely unaware that we are on to their sorry asses.
Heh ~!
Not much is going on at the Casa..the usual paw and claw appt and then the brother is supposed to come over..........note to self: Turn on your cell phone tonight...and Red Velvet will be made for him since he is rather down lately...I am sure that I will hear all about it tomorrow...sigh...I'm such a good big sister .
Have a great weekend !
Aunty Pol

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