Monday, August 30, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Happy Monday kids.
Praise the Lord and pass the's raining least in the downtown area..please Gaia let it rain some at the Casa so that the new plants I did in the pots have a mebbe shot at survival.
And yes.............
My back is killing me.
Friday was so pretty with a bit of a breeze that I got all " Got to get to Chrome Depot and get some plants" ...yes..we really have had 19 days or so of a heat advisory here in Houston, which is nothing new...but...NO RAIN ?
None ?
Granted, I have done my best with all of the herbs..but other than the Rosemary..what the heat didn't kill...the caterpillars did.
Ah yes..the Caterpillar.
Thursday , the peppers were all fine. Watered...a couple were doing their peppery thing..huzzah.
Friday I come home after Chrome depot and look at all of the new pretties that were on sale that I just had to have..and look at the peppers.
They were nekkid !
Nary a leaf left....just stalks and 2 peppers.
I had to sit down.
Then I had to get a beverage.
And sit down again.
And there he was least a 3 incher.
Wiggling back to the scene of the crime.
Mr. your circle of life..aka a terracotta pot.
Boom Baby !
One less butterfly I'm sad to say but's like this ....destroy my plant..and it's on.
And for the curious...I planted some potato vine, 2 Pentas , 2 Cassandra's 2 of those things that look like foxtails..but they are itty bitty and the most gorgeous black ornamental pepper with dark purple's booful.
And the Circus is back in town this week..wheeeee.
Have a great week !
Aunty Pol

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