Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Time To Grab Those Plates !

Remember this guy ?
Gaia help me , I used to love to watch his show..I loved Durante ...Carlin ( wearing a suit back then and a tie when he was partnered with comic Jack Burns ) and most of all I loved Erich Blenn.
Mr. Blenn you see was the plate spinning guy. His theme music was called the " Saber Dance" and the minute that you heard that begin..plates are spinning ! Yes..I was especially entranced with the possibility that one or more would slip and break...cause that's who I am .
This week is a cluster f**k in the way that the Titanic was a mere excursion.
I get to babysit yet another mediation ...and all y'all know that this is my first time at the Rodeo so Aunty Pol is just verklepmt at the idea...
Yes...the lil Princess who is running amok and getting all worked up over shit that is no big deal is about to make me crazy so I will take great pleasure in silently mocking her and her bosses while smiling at the photo of Dakota on my desk....
You see , when I feel the urge to go and grab some C-4 and find the 5'th point of contact, I remind myself...Not in front of Dakota.
It works.
Have a great week....I know you can do it .
Aunty Pol

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