Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Baby Grey

Miss Lisa and Miss Sharon had to let Grey be guided to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday....please say a prayer or purrayer for everyone...
Miss Lisa is Lady Lisa of The Adventures of Space Paws , one of my favorite sites dedicated to the fostering of abandoned animals and finders of forever homes. Miss Sharon is one of Greys foster mommies , Grey came to stay and become a part of the extended families of all those who care for those in need ...but sadly he rather surprisingly developed some things that let her to take his sweet self to Dr. Andrew where the worst was discovered. Even though it broke their hearts, Lady Lisa's and Miss Sharon's love for Grey was so strong that they knew that it was time.
I have been down this sad road as have all of my friends and it is one of the worst moments that we as parents can face...and yes..we are parents. Time will diffuse the pain into sweet and loving memories, may Bast keep him safe , but more than again affirms that there are people willing and able to risk this sort of pain and loss again and again because they like I believe that every one deserves a forever home.
Blessed Be
Aunty Pol aka Jane

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Oh, honey, thank you! Wonderful tears of being loved and cared for, and most of all, understood, are on my face right now.

Yes, we are parents. And our furkids capture our hearts in a very unique way. Grey's FIV seemed to scare off potential adopters... so sad, because they will never know the joy I've had for the past 10 months.

Grey giving his love was so very special.... We'd planned to make him "officially" one of our General Population on his one year anniversary at Space Paws. No matter - in our hearts he was already one of the family.

Thank you, hon, for being there. It's hard to express just how much your love and support mean.

Hugs and love,
Lisa, Winnie, Annie, Bitty, Peggy Sue, Trudy, Lawrie, Sophie and, first foster mom, Sharon.