Friday, August 27, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Mwahahaha...ok...I am ebil.
I know that I shouldn't be so gosh darn happy about this but I just can'ts help it.
The precious Princess Poodle just gave her 2 weeks notice.
Margarita's for everyone..!
We've ( I've ) tried so much with this girl, after all she was such a vast improvement over Fluffy that I think that we ( I ) ignored a lot of the warning she pretty much thought she had it wired.
The danger in that is that it gives the NOOB the idea that their behavior in any mode will be tolerated......lets review the list shall we ?
Insolent - Check
Rude - ditto
Arrogant - ditto
Petty - ditto
Immature - ditto
Deceitful - ditto
Lazy - ditto
Passive Aggressive - ditto
Manipulative - ditto ( duh)
Bully - ditto
I could go on.
Top the above off with the simple fact that she is in all honest quite an attractive young woman ( note the lack of the useage of Lady here ) ..and this is really ironic.. Her looks were never the issue here..until she figured out that they made her entitled to be a bully .Her male boss thinks she is just cats ass and she is just smart enough that when told no ( correct answer) for whatever bullshit request she has just come the water works....just like a 2 year old, the voice quivers, the lip sticks out and she bemoans how " Eberybody was just sooooo mean to widdle her ...not fair...- WAH".
Fucking Spare Me.
Rather than realize that there are a bunch of us here who are older, wiser and know the lay of the land and could be mentors to her ..she figured out that she would force everyone to bend to her will and she'd get her widdle way.
And she is the one leaving...
How'd that work out for you precious ?
Good Times.
It's finally not so hot as it's been ...only mid 90's so I of course want to go to the nursery after work to see what is there to replace all of the dead stuff on the patio in pots...yeah...I know...
Have a great weekend.
Aunty Pol

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