Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Direct Approach For The Win !

I all fairness...the child was not unattended. There was a mother like figure present..uninvolved but present.

I guess I need to just give up and stop being nice ..yes...pick your sorry ass up off the floor....I can be nice...but....

For some it is a worthless exersize along the lines of know the rest.

Dear Giggles,

In response to your reply to my e mail indicating you don't know what I mean....FOCUS :

When I tell you that there is a conference room open and ask how long the attorney will need the room...FOCUS YOU TWIT : I will in future be more direct.

The + 1 with the 1 pm appt with your attorney is a child that is making quite the stir out here in the lobby. Sadly the child is not discouraged in any way by his biological custodian , therefore ..if YOU do not come out here and attend to this...I will be stuffing them in a conf. room.

Capice ?


Aunty Pol

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