Monday, August 23, 2010

If It's Monday ~ It's John Barrowman Time ~!

Happy Monday everyone .
Please send rain.
We are at the 18'th day of declared heat advisories and the heat index is supposed to hit 110 degrees today...yes Sistah ..110 d-friggan-grees !
Holy shit Batman !
I managed to survive the 3 ring circus, happy and secure in the knowledge that they will be back to grace my life this coming Friday and all the following week up to the Labor Day Weekend .
My Joy Knows No Bounds...Unicorns and Ponies And Rainbows For Everyone !
As I glance out the window, I see that it is dark and gray and stormy and even tho I can actually hear thunder boom booms, I know that the likelihood of us getting any rain at the Casa is slim to
Andy and Gracie were both kept inside today because of the heat and as we all know, mah boy has a mad aversion to getting his feets or his furr wet in any fashion...
So I may get rain because Bast knows the Gods are not happy unless there is some sort of irony to inflict upon me .
Other than that it was a kind of weird weekend...not in a bad way ..just Baroo ?
SU went over to help his dad with some sort of photoelectric light gizzmo doodad and was over there all Saturday so I was able to get a lot of cleaning ass is not going out in this heat..and then he went to a party ( birthday ) for one of his co-workers. I chose not to go because as I have said..I hear about these Luddite Idiots every DAMN day on the way home and I sure as F don't want to hang with only no but hell no.
It did give me a chance to see all of the shows we " Burn Notice " ( HOLY SHIT ! ) and so that we cool.
The weird part was that I wasn't on line at all this weekend,
Made a bundt cake ( butter ) and used the last of the ganache ( yum) and threw on some Heath bar bits..because I can..OMG..the best cake evah !
And SU made the grilled shrimp, pineapple and red onion kabobs that was in the Chron recently ( it's the recipe where they are marinaded and then you make a glaze with a marmalade good....but needs tweaking...glaze was too thin..but can be saved to use on grilled salmon since there was no double dipping/contamination involved in the cooking/grilling on sentence much ?) ...and so on...
From what I gather except that our Gray needs our purrs and prayers...chanting Lisa...chanting...and Miss Anne had another kabob recipe ( great minds..still love the skewers) ..I missed nothing...
Sometimes a break is necessary.
Have a great week.
Aunty Pol

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