Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This Makes Me Cranky

From Top to Bottom:
Blue cover , Season 1 on sale at Amazon for under $15.00..less if I buy used .
Red cover , Season 2 on sale also at Amazon for under $15.00, again..less if I buy used.
Green cover, Season 3. $113 at Amazon..NOT ON SALE ( used no less )
...not available at all at Barnes and Noble.
For fucks sake why ?
I have wanted this whole trilogy even longer than I have wanted " Witchblade" and Sistah knows how long I waited for that one.

Does it make sense to have parts one and two on sale and not the third ?
Why would the final season, arguably the best one ( and there is still some debate as to whether Nick meant to kill Catherine or merely make her a vampire to this day) be TEN TIMES price of the first two ?
I will be ordering the first two and scouring Half Price Books and all other vendors for the last one.
Also making me cranky..this is the 19 'th day of a declared heat advisory for us here....19'th day in a row...considering it is August 24'th and we only had 18 days for all of 2008 or 2009 ..gah.
And the rain that I mentioned yesterday after work...at the Casa ?
I am going to be working on not the cranky because it really is bad karma and Grey over at Space Paws needs all our purrs and prayers. Miss Lisa says that he has MAJOR liver issues and may have to go to the bridge this week so lets send Lisa, Andrew , Grey and all the furr folk our love and prayers , hugs and headbutts now...they are the best people and among the gentlest souls I know and this is breaking my heart.
Aunty Pol

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