Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short !

There..my " If it's Monday , it's Barrowman time is in tact, even if it is a day late.
My laugh of the day is a quote on MSN's home page by Stallone about their new movie " The Expendibles" aka..," Old Dudes Who Still Think They Are Hot Shit "..according to the Slyster..Van Damme aka Van Dumb refused to be in the film because he would lose any fight in the film to Jet Li.
Dude..even if you were 20 years younger and in shape and Jet Li was in what ever shape he is in today ..HE COULD STILL KICK YOUR ASS !
Rent " Bullet Proof Monk " you asshat !
Meh !
Carry On .
Aunty Pol

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