Friday, August 13, 2010

Yes, John You Are Insane Squirrel

In my family, we don't have issues,,and I so hate that word in this context,,we have volumes.
In this last year my brother had realized a need to move from where he had lived for over 10 years..the need being a rotation of the management company to have either water or power issues at his apt. complex.
For the uninitiated...we live in A/ way.
He did his due diligence and found another place but as is our custom he let it slip about his cat to the powers that be in the leasing office.
He works sales commissions and is gifted to the point that his gift of bullshit amazes me.
He called me to tell me all of this and truth be one wants to get to the point that their backs are up against the proverbial wall , to the point that their worst nightmare is realized and they have to call family .
Been there, done that.
Anyhoo..I told John that my nephew..Buster the Cat...was not going to be boarded for the length of time that it took John to raise his bail...and we are talking more than a week here .
Not having it.
I loaned him part of the money with the proviso that he didn't need to worry about repayment until Busters bail was satisfied.
John called and was know how sibs are ..verklempt that he had not been in contact recently and worried that I was mad at him.
I told him.."'s only been 3 months and Busters bail was $600.00.
Get over it.
I know that you are good for what you owe and I respect that you are calling but honey..calm the fuck down,,I know that money is tight and you are commission.
We are cool and I will still make you Red Velvet cupcakes this Sunday.
Chill the fuck out ..I still love you.
Your Older Sister .
Aunty Pol

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