Thursday, July 15, 2010

NARF ~ !


We had no idea that his happened after work. Hisself had not heard a traffic report so we had no idea that the access to the 59 HOV was the only way on 59 North and that they were diverting ALL evening commuter traffic to the HOV.

The usual 24 minute ride home..hey...Everyone in the HOV does 80 mph as a rule..don't freak out on me here...took an HOUR !

And of course we had to stop at Tarjay after that before we hit the Casa...another hour.

Thankfully Miss Lisa I am dvr'g the Burn Notice Ep ...LMAO.


There is a huge batch of Bread Pudding to be done one of those industrial size throw down pans..then a large carrot cake to be made for something he has going on this Saturday and I have Red Velvet cuppy cakes to make and decorate for Miss Jere Lee's birthday also on Saturday...wheee.

The decorations are too cool by the way..every one deserves to be a Princess ( dammit) once in their lives..

But..on the up side..tomorrow is Friday..I get the hair done and so ..yup...simple things.

Bonus today..watching the co-worker freak their assess off as the card/key pad for one side of the lobby decided to quit at 5.

Of course walking just a bit down the hall to get in the other way was just too hard for their widdle selves to cope with ..hee hee.

Extra Bonus points for me watching all of this , silently mocking them all.

Have a great Friday.

Aunty Pol

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