Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Yes Roger, I should be writing right about now.
I have the idea of the physical attributes, and you know I can't write without a sense of the character..
I have the ideas all down and we went all over the numbers.....
For the the readers:
I am about to embark upon yet another RPG PBP...Role playing game, play by post and the irony is that right now I am finishing a book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro....yes my sister...a St. Germain about the Huns attempt to overtake the last of the Roman Empire and Constantinople.
I am now dreaming about the Khan and the riders and the
I need as always to get an idea mentally of the character..I need to see her as the Shaman character..then I can get a sense of her actions and interactions with the other characters.
And thus far..this week sux.
My saving grace is that my GM is either preoccupied with the impending birth of their first child or as my luck would have it..he in his very British was is chomping at the bit to begin but is just too polite to say so.
I love you anyway CT.
And it's still raining.
Now down here , we don't usually complain too much about rain this time of year, but a few years ago we had a tropical storm that just trained over us for 4 days as I recall it.
We are for the most part at or below sea level , and a lot of the area has a heavy clay content to the soils so with the heat, it hard packs.
If we get this much rain, when it soaks in , since the sea level is what it is ...we flood.
The Gulf is very warm right now.
We are usually very blase until late August...then we watch.
Where SU and I live...65 miles from the Gulf just got smacked with IKE .
So of course the population after Rita, Katrina and Ike are all a bit twitterpated.
And Andy went out tonight of his own free will...Gracie Marie was out but is smart enough to go to the girls garage or gazebo.
And Xena's having super pooper episodes on the front hallway carpet...
And hisself was all mouthy about it.
And I cleaned it.
And hoovered.
We'd discussed the need with 2 long haired cats, hairballs and such the need to hoover more than once a week.
I last hit it Saturday when I cleaned the carpets.
Today is Tuesday.
No dear..." iT'S NOT EVERY F.G NIGHT".
I need 24 hours..a case of Red Bull and the pc.
I need a day off without a death, car issues or cat shit on the carpet.
Oh well...
ON the upside IBKC is killing the fund raiser...
It all balances out.
Aunty Pol


HubbleSpacePaws said...

Good you're finding the balance, hon!

Yep, the IBKC funraiser is kickin' butt. I have high hopes for the auction... savvy bidders are going to wait for close to the end to throw in and they're already up to $400 on one of the kittens (for those who don't know, these are naming right, they aren't auctioning kittens!!)and $355 on tea with the Bean. I'm thinking the auction could net several grand, easy. :-)

Count Thalim said...

"my GM is either preoccupied with the impending birth of their first child"

Impending? Jane you need to check your hotmail account more often. :P