Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hello Little One !

Happy Happy Joy Joy .....Happy Happy Joy !
Lord Roger and Lady Rae welcomed their new daughter yesterday and I am just thrilled beyond words.
And so incredibly touched that they gave her my name as a middle name...that is beyond what I can describe..words fail.
No one can jack my happy place today..don't even try !
A very Humble and Happy Aunty Pol


Count Thalim said...

You've been my personal Agony Aunt Pol for getting on to a decade now.

Heck, I turned to you for dating advice when I first got together with my wife!

Besides when we are in Canada you'll be able to visit (Or we'll come down to Texas, though not in hurricane season...) and see little Miranda.



HubbleSpacePaws said...

Congratulations to the Lord and his ladies!! And Aunty, why are you so surprised? I'm not, and I haven't known you nearly as long or well as they have! :-)

Blessings for long life and much happiness, tiny Miranda!