Friday, July 09, 2010

Bruce Of The Day ~ Happy Friday ~

Happy Friday !
Yes..this is the stink face you get from me when there is no new episode of "Burn Notice "on last night...I could only console myself with the knowledge that Sharon Gless is up for an Emmy. The episode where she gets the lat and long of Michaels location from the hostage in their garage should clinch it IMHO.
Other than that, life here is pretty much the same, the rain has finally let up for a few hours this wek..yes...a few hours this week. It's rained every day for the past week or more..between Alex and Bonnie, other than the skeeters, I am a happy woman when I don't have to drag either the watering can to the patio or the hoses around the yard. It's not the's the friggan water bill. I refuse to give up my Hydrangeas in the front flower bed daggnabbit !
We have a new 'speriment at the Casa.
And of course it is all about Xeni Gabbini aka Super Pooper.
At first we thought that it was the issue of her not actually being able to make it to their bathroom.
It cleared up for a while.
Then ...we realized that for whatever reason, the area behind the front door...yes.....carpeted front hallway is where it was occurring again.
It's not that far from her bathroom...really.
She has staked that area out.
He ( the frustrated Daddy Unit) wanted to cover it all with plastic.
He didn't have enough to do that . I am grateful for that because I just know that she won't want to walk on plastic...none of them will....and so we will have to locate her new territory .
Besides...can you imagine the sound of 24 lil paws on plastic ?
Plus chewing ..
Then I hit on it.
Previously, we had completely replaced the litter boxes in their bathroom. Unfortunately, we could only find one over sized and had to settle for a smaller one to go with it.
Frustrated Daddy Unit finally found another over sized one...which means...we had an unused one in the garage.
And the Angels sang, the Clouds parted...there were rainbows and unicorns in my back yard.
I almost wept.
Now, this means that there is a third box to clean and deal with...fine.
No one really comes to the front door, and if they do....I can move it.
I can move the carpet cleaner and the Dyson out of the closet in that hallway if need be.
I can put a beach towel under the box.
I can light the candles and trim wicks on a regular basis.
I can deal with this.
You see...the other night when he was ranting and raving about this , and he knows that the Vet has no idea, and she is not getting people food , and she is eating ..and the diarrhea will clear up ..he still fussed.
And I said..
" have a choice. Either take her to the Vet for the nasty shot and big dirt nap or decide that we will deal with this. Maybe it's a behavior issue we didn't see at first with her and Gracie Marie. Gracie can be a bully and we all know it. Andy does not use a box so it's not like he is irritating her or taking her turf. I am tired of this rant..shut it or get in the car with the PTU ."
In all fairness, he's had to listen to me rant about it too but I am kinda past that.
I check the hallway before I even change clothes and know that when the poop bomb is's gonna get cleaned.
I am hopeful it will resolve itself...either way it will be handled and cleaned up ,. and there will be no VET trip because one of us is simply frustrated or irritated or has had a bad day.
Yep...Your Aunty Pol's still talking some shit..ain't she ?
Had to go there.
Have a great weekend .
We all deserve it.
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Sometimes the solution is so obvious it plumb evades us.

When Win was still recovering from the UTI and using the floor in a certain spot, I did the same thing - put a box where she went (only it was a pan with a towel, 'cause she was scared of litter). Damn if she didn't use it!

Fingers crossed big time that Xena continues to use the new pan, hon!!