Thursday, July 29, 2010

Recognizing Simple Kindness Where I Can.

You see this beautiful bracelet ?

The one I bought recently ?

See those ittsy bittsy red stones ?

I wore this gorgeous thing for the first time today and happened to notice that 2 or 3 of those stones are missing. I have no idea what happened so I contacted Miss Michelle to find out how to go about sending it back to her for repair. I will happily pay for the repairs but bless her , she offered to fix it for me and then add a few replacement stones just in case.

It's not about whether its fine jewelry or not.

That is never an issue with me.

If I love it , I buy it ..thus making it all " Fine " jewelry in my book...because is still for the most part all about me ~ wink !

It is such a delight to have wonderful one on one conversation with the artist/shop owners on Etsy . They pay attention and they care.

The other day, Miss Jere Lee was telling me that she walked out of our local J.C. Penny's after a fruitless 30 minute wait to get one of 3 clerks to at least acknowledge the fact that she was there with a sample show in her hand , wanting to make a purchase. Miss Jere Lee is a lot nicer than I am because I wouldn't have waited that long and I would have found a manager by GAWD to tell him or her that the 3 clerks that were less than 20 feet away from me couldn't be bothered to at least acknowledge a customer was there !

This seems to be the typical level of customer service these days and before I continue I must in all fairness own up to the fact that I did that sort of thing...selling retail, waitressing , managing a restaurant and that I am front line customer service ie..the main receptionist for a large law firm in Houston. I know the drill having done it for 28 years I know my shit so to speak.

I do try on a daily basis and I know that there are some days that I fall sadly short but I have not and would not completely ignore a client/customer/victim..I know better and that sort of crap is the sort of thing that can and should cost the perp his or her job....on the spot.

No excuses .

Because I am one of those in the trenches so to speak and therefore even more sensitized to the nuances of customer service, when I see an example of the good ones, or am lucky to have been the recipient of such a pleasure, I do tend to publicly acknowledge the giver and the experience.

I love shopping on Etsy, and should there come a day when I have a not so good experience with a shop and or owner of same, it will be addressed there through the proper channels .

I will do my best to refrain from blasting someone here unless it is just one of those " OMG WTF ?" moments because I realize that for the most part , these artist/shop owners are women and I don't want my experience to have too large an effect on their livelihoods.

On the other hand, I assure you that when I have first hand experience or verifiable experience of bad service at one of the large ass 900 lb gorilla bricks and bettcha I am going to rip them one here.

They don't care 99 % of the time so I feel no moral obligation to play nicely.

If you shop on Etsy...go check out Miss Michelle's shop..

Her shop is malves1009...or Handmade Jewelry By Michele

On the right hand side of the page, click the drop down box to where it says that and enter will take you right to her shop....I just double checked it to be sure .

It's free to join and lemme tell ya..they got some pretty cool stuff Maynard.

Remember..tomorrow is Friday..

Carry On.


Aunty Pol

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Michele said...

Thanks so much for you kind words, customer service is definitely something people should make sure they take care of the most. I'm so glad everything worked out and you love your bracelet it was a pleasure :), Michele