Saturday, July 03, 2010

Typical Saturday here at Casa de Swamp.
No, the dealership that SU planned on taking LOLA to, Parkway KIA does NOT have a body shop.
Really ?
I find that a tad odd, but then what the hell do I know about this crap..yep...nada.
The dealership that we originally bought her from does but they are not open on Saturday.
Convenient much..not.
Nor do they have any sort of courtesy vehicle to drop your ass home when your car is in the shop.
I am beginning to wonder about these cats. plan.
Hisself is going to meet his sister over at DeMontrond and then they are going to go over to their fathers to help him got through some stuff, I suspect that there will be a lot of that sort of thing this year. I am at the house ...alone more or guys all count so Mommy is not really alone...learn to use the Hoover and we will talk allowance..m'kay ?
I have a ton of stuff to do...please do not look at the carpets..I will be cleaning them.
Where am I ?
In the Den, blogging.
Oh , like you all are surprised.
Have a great Saturday.
Your Domestic Goddess
Aunty Pol

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HubbleSpacePaws said...

Enjoy your day without humanoid companionship. Frankly, I'm still in the "not missing it" mode, but I suppose that could change.

Bummer on the metal doctor. Fingers crossed LOLA gets into surgery soon!!