Monday, July 26, 2010

Am I The Only One Who Sees The Irony Here ?

I've been pondering something all afternoon that gets funnier and funnier the more I think about it .

I am on Facebook.

I am on Facebook to keep in contact with people I don't get to see every day like the great niece or gaming buds, ( CE,BT,Bent) or to play the damn games.

I am very careful of the information that is out there regarding me. That being said, I know that privacy is an illusion ( My personal favorite bit of irony EVER ).

I have noticed more and more lately that former co-workers have some rather unusual friends on some of their pages. I know this because of the continual revelations that person(s) a used to make about person(s) b, c and/or d....that they basically couldn't stand the other person,.....yada yada yada...fishcakes.

The level of loathing fluctuated more or less on the day and latest incident of being/getting pissed off/pissed on so to speak.

Some of these folks were so constant in their rants that I usually found that I could tune them out, mentally buffing my nails and humming a few or 63 bars of the late great Freddy Fender's " Wasted Days and Wasted Nights."'s a Texas thing .

It is one thing to suffer the interactions of the workplace when the combatants have to deal with each hopes a modest level of civility is maintained and failing that ...there is the dream that one or both will either find another position in a galaxy far , far away or that they will get their sorry asses fired thus giving new life to the annual holiday Christmas party fodder.

And yet, in more than one instance , I see the pages of Facebook littered with the inclusion of the hated and the haters...common ground can exist it seems.

Huh Friggan Zah !

It does not lend itself to ones credibility when this is observed.

If you loathed the person in question , then why the fuck are they on your friends list thingy ?

If someone has done me ill or harm, or shown themselves to be the false , two faced lying mo fo's that I know they are...I move on.

I don't speak to them, I don't "friend" or "invite " them to be a part of my Facebook page.

I delete them.

I delete them fron my contacts list, Christmas card list, birthday reminder list, rolodex, speed dial , e mail, hot mail and any other list they may have ever been on.

And I move on.

I wish them no harm, I think no evil thoughts about them, I don't waste my breathe plotting revenge. I don't gossip about them, talk to others or post on any social network about them.

They have no place in my life..not now or ever.

In this I do not and will not waver.

So yeah..when I see that the dreaded "foe" that you maligned so joyfully to one and all is on your makes me wonder.

Just how honest are you ?

I'd say think about it but this is probably a bit complicated for you as it is.

Carry on.


Aunty Pol

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