Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Simple Things..

Lady Lisa had the right of it.

You're right sweetie, it is indeed the simple things in life that we need to hang on too.

Today ended all right at the office , once I reminded myself that the idiots will always be idiots,...and I will remain fabulous .

Having Miss Jere Lee for a neighbor is almost as having the sister of my heart as a neighbor...almost.

They have a lot of the same mannerisms .

When we came home today, hisself had already made a mini run to Kroger for stuff so I didn't have to wait in the car..anyone who knows me knows that I abhor stores..especially the grocery flashes, screaming toddlers and cell yapping spandex wearers make me just..yeah know.

When we got home ,I saw that Mr. Trejo had done the yard and had weeded the flower beds so the other neighbor..the recent widder had been able to catch up with him.

Huzzah !

I am not willing to put myself through all of that when I can hire it done and frankly , after all the rain we had for the past week and a half...sold.

Miss Jere Lee had left a note in the dining room for us letting us know that Gracie Marie REALLY wanted out so she let her out. With a heat index of 105 degrees right now we are very careful about that but since it was four-ish, MIss Jere Lee knew it was kewl.

She had also left us a goodies in the fridge....chocolate yummy goodness that she had baked as a thank you for letting her use the square headed lover in her job search.

To recap:

Tidy flower beds, mowed grass, clean patio and chocolate cake.


Have a great tomorrow and..Lady L ......


Wheee !


Aunty Pol who can actually hear the siren call of the cocoa beans !

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