Tuesday, November 27, 2012

And So It Begins....

Well SU called a few hours ago.
It will begin on Thursday...as in the day after tomorrow.

One part of me has been challenged ( aka "Bat Shit Crazy ") because I feel that no progress is being made other than the financial aspect ..it's been slow going and I am partly at fault, I mean really....6 weeks to pick out a paint color for the guest bath ?

To be honest, I want to wake up and have it ALL done. I also want to have the house cleaned to my standards and all of the interiors painted and decorated /fluffed up.

I also want  world peace, a pony and cupcakes with sprinkles.

I know better.

I just know that on top of everything else, Gracie Marie will be pissed off at being restricted.

What a world, what a world.

Aunty Pol...who will console her self with food recipes for the next month or so, you have been warned..LOL.


kleinwort said...

(((Auntie))) I feel your pain hon. I'm flashing back to the kitchen remodel.

Aunty Pol said...

I thought of you . If you can get through it Lady L, so can I . Be warned, I may seek refuge in recipes..bwahahah.

Love ya !