Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Wonder..Hmmmmm..

I can never for the life of me figure out what to bring for the firms coma fest known as the Thanksgiving pot luck..and I do mean coma fest. The firm supplies the turkey , ham, stuffing and gravy and then the staff brings in a bunch of sides. This is great but not without problems.
One..we only have 3 microwaves..no oven.
Two..we only have one fridge in the main kitchen .
Therefore, space is at a premium.

Now, I am sorry here gang, but I am not going to schlep our big slow cooker up here for the hootenanny, it's too heavy for me to manage....so..

I bet if I asked nicely, the SU would zip over to Kroger to get all of the ingredients to make this and the Kings Hawaiian bread ( bowl style ) to serve it in, especially if I BUY ENOUGH TO MAKE A BATCH FOR US...

Please honey ?

I have all the ingredients listed and I will take care of feeding of the chillins.

Finally...I know that we have a recipe like this for the stuffed chicken thingy that you do with the spinach , but I wonder..

Would this work in a split chicken breast like that thingy you've made before ?

Yep...I'm starvin Marvin..when the hell is lunch ?

Oh and woo hoo..the new chair will be delivered tomorrow !
I guess I have to be home too sign for it.

Aunty Pol

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