Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm Feeling The Urge ~ Mwahaha !


Okay, first off , Lady Lisa will be conducting the graveside service after she kills me...I'm sure she knows a good bail bondsman and or attorney......LMAO !

I found this recipe on Miss Joan's blog the other day and it caught my eye since SU had just made two pecan pies . the pecan pir process reminds me of the annual stops at Stuckeys that my family made during vacations..back in the Jurassic era much like the Griswolds when folks traveled by car/station wagon. SU's pies were great by the way , but to be honest , I prefer the tartlettes that Mom used to make. Do not ask me how many I could stuff in my face at one time as  a kid..( hint...more than 1 ) .

I've even seen " Pecan Pie In A Jar " which can't be too bad since King Arthur carries it on line and in the catalog..but still...the concept is iffy to me. What's the fun in that if you can't slop Karo syrup all over hells half acre in the kitchen.

And then I saw Miss Joan's post.

Now, she had me at the Eagle Brand milk.

Much like the old 7 layer bars ( oh come on..we all made those in college) , this recipe is simple to make, especially this time of year when more often than not , you need to make a goodie or three to take to the office or party of have ready when you are watching the holiday movie of your choice.

I haven't done any holiday baking in a number of years because my heart was not in it. The first few years after my fathers death in early January were pure anguish , and while it has gotten better, it has taken a very long time. I am not saying that I am going to go into full Betty Crocker mode....I have done that .

What the hell was I thinking ?

" Oh surely it will be less expensive to make homemade gifts. "

Oh lets see..home made Biscotti and Beef Jerky for the manly types..of course this was way the hell back when the price of beef was less than the cost of a car or hospital delivery of a child.The lessons learned there were as follows :

1. You need to double up on all of your baking ingredients because if you hit the " Oh let's do another double batch " zone and your spouse has the car..let's just say I was fortunate at the time that he had the ability to break away for a Kroger run.

2. Flour and dry ingredients = a very messy kitchen....mop the floor later.....if you can still move.

3. IT'S NEVER, EVER CHEAPER !  Have you priced decent , empty to be filled gift baskets ? I'm not talking Peterboro here, just your average Garden Ridge variety....

There are cute ways to do it, tins and such that can be filled. You just have to be realistic about it all or failing all of that , do as I am...remember the well intended disasters of previous years and figure out how to " NOT DO THAT STUFF AGAIN ! "

Now, I need to find that grilled cream cheese, Nutella and strawberry recipe sandwich ....

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...


Actually, no, this time I think I'll join you in a baking frenzy instead of killing you, dear. (At least until I get said bondsman and shyster on speed dial.)


Sis used to do the home-made gift baskets every year when she was home with the spawn. Lord I miss those days... she's a damn good cook and infused booze maker! Workin' full time stopped that lovely tradition. And you're right... it is not less expensive... but so much more personal.

Me, I suck at gift giving. I think of myself as a reasonably thoughtful person, but gifts are my Waterloo. I usually fall back on edibles (*sigh* made by others) and such. I fear I will die a sucko gift giver. :-(

Aunty Pol said...

Sweetie, some folks have the Betty Crocker gene plus the time which you and I do not..that doesn't make us awful gift givers..we just hve to be more creative. I've lamented that my skills have dropped down the rabbit hole of gift cards so this year for a few, I am getting a bit more thoughtful.But not by much...just do what I do and ease up on yourself..and picture Martha S burning in the 7'th level of hell. I lay the blame squarely at her door for making women feel less than human or deserving because we cannot immitate her over blown , pretentious, billious crap.