Sunday, July 27, 2008

Definately Different

It's been an odd week .

We finally got some rain at the Casa, sorely needed from Dolly. All over town , everyone but us got rain , and I do mean everyone . We finally got some at the house on Thursday, and of course as par for the course, I had been fighting sinus's to the point that by Thursday I had a full blown migraine.

Not much that can be done there but just get through it.

Work that day was completely out of the question . It was the " Pray For Death" kind of thing , so I called in and went back to bed.

Here is the thing.

I have been having some very disturbing dreams lately.

Disturbing as in the " You are dead or no longer able to hurt / beat/ harm me and in one part of my mind I know this , but.....

Waking up fearful , not rested....wondering why the F after X number of years is this happening is to say the least difficult.

My main focus is fighting the panic attacks and the anxiety attacks right now.

Why ?

Why Now ?

We are good at home, nothing new or traumatic..just our lil old boring selves...

So .

Why ?

Have a happy week.

Ciao .

Aunty Pol .

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