Thursday, February 05, 2009

Why Bravo , Why ?

Leah (Top Photo)

Carla ( Bottom Photo - Duh )

Why ?

In many ways , Season 5 of " Top Chef" has been piss poor.

But..........last night...takes the cake so to speak.

WFT Over ?

Leah ( as seen above ) basically threw her hands up in the air and proclaimed to one and all that she " Gives, gave up " on the quickfire challenge.

Excuuuuuuuuseeeeeeeeee Moi ?

You claim to have some skills and are going to focus on winning , in the all but impissable chance that the audience will forget/delete from collective memory the scenes of you and Ho-sea playing tonsil should be so lucky biotch.

If memory serves, when I ran a restaurant , and yes kids...I did in fact..if I had thrown my hands up after fubaring the prep of an item, and basically saying F this.. having established that I wasn't quite smart enough to suck it up and ask for guidance/help....the door would have not hit my much smaller at the time ass on the way out ...werd !

And yet...

They sent Jaime home.Buh Bye team rainbow.

It took me a second to realize that there are only 2 episodes left and that Bravo in their usual manner have saved both Leah and Carla ( " Sending out the love." ...Oh screw that ..send edible food you idiot) so that one and then the other can be eliminated thus leaving Stefan , Ho- Sea and Fabio to go head to head.

Fan favorite..Fabio of course . He is a bit of a goober , and yet he is also warm and engaging . If he can reduce the ego a tad, he shows more promise than most of the others..sides..he's cute.

Nuff said there .

Best Part...Season finale will be in NOLA..Emerile will be the guest judge...hee hee...

Best part of last night :

Carla's expression when she saw the semi live eel that Stefan decided to play with during the quick fire challenge.

OMG..I hate reptiles and even I thought it was a hoot since anyone with an active brain stem knew he was doing it merely to freak people out.

Have a great weekend.


Aunty Pol

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