Thursday, April 02, 2015

Finally !


I have not been able to post here for a couple of months because of some f up where Blogger only recognized Gordy's name on the home PC and hisself doesn't have a blog that I know of


I follow Miss Laurie on IBKC and after reading the update on the Lumkins..they are all improved from the ringworm btw and almost all are now in their forever homes...poor lambs, it's been a long 6 months for them.

Anyhoo...I was able to resign into Google under my own creds so here I am.

At home , on vacay ...screwing off as it were.I have genuinely missed siting here with a cig and a cuppa coffee , it's just not the same at the office writing being what it is .

I'm such a lil drone....NOT.

The weather is the perfect spring that we get to enjoy for hopefully 10 days or so, the Bluebonnets are all in glorious  bloomage in the Hill Country, the beds at the Casa are done, house repainted so life other than pollen from which there is no escape is pretty damn good right now.

Of course I should be doing laundry and all the mundane shit that is known as real life, and I will but not all at once.

I have learned the hard way to not push myself when I am off..the leg and the back won't take it any more and it's just not worth the torture .

I have a mental list..what I want to do , need to do and what ain't happening . Somewhere in the middle is reality and I know what I need his help with but our weekend is full.

Saturday is my birthday..yep..the big 6 0 .While I know that age really is just a number, parts of me dread the solution is to fight it with grace and to take better care of myself ...let's hear it for facials every other Saturday...they rock ! bet your ass I am .

It's a good thing that we have plans because there is a certain sadness that I am feeling this year. I miss my fathers phone calls for my birthday , we lost my stepmother on my birthday and Easter 1981 was the last time I actually spoke to my mother before she passed.

Hell of a trifecta.


Jere Lee , Gordy and I are going to Dosey Doe to see Mike Zito Saturday night and I will enjoy Gordy being there for the first time to experience Mike in one of the most perfect acoustic venues in the country...and their Kobe burger rocks.

Sunday is the Shell Open which he and the Moron will attend , thanks Jim for the tickets so I know if there is a bit of a melt down , I will have some privacy for  a good old boo hoo...yeah ,  I am self aware..and I feel better afterwards in some weird ass way.

Have a wonderful holiday in what ever way you choose .

Aunty Pol