Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Is It Too Much To Ask ?

Ah sorry bitch.

I thought it was going to be a simple day..that's what I get for thinking .

Is is too much to ask for a legal assistant to give us full disclosure when they book rooms for depositions ? is it too much to ask that if more than one of our attorneys is involved to give us all the names of all the parties ? How about the names of opposing counsel , witnesses or the actual style of the case ? How about an actual copy of the depo notice ?

Today started out fine, we got in and out of the hubbys dr. appt quickly so that was no biggie. I get to the office and one of the other receptionists ( there are 3 of us ) tells me that a lady is here for a depo and gives me the name of the attorney conducting it. Standard procedure . The lady is early so she goes off for a coffee, soon returning. She is then joined by her 2 attorneys. All is good, proper notifications all around.

Then it hits the fan.

We actually have a total of 3 depos up here today on 2 floors.

Did we get any information that we needed ?

Ah hell no.

Did attorneys flip rooms ?


Did they tell us ?

Ah hell no.

One legal admin is out so the floater covering her desk had no information and NO inclination to be proactive in any way...not unusual on her part...GRRRR.

There is a reason folks that I use the legal pad at my desk to jot down names and as MUCH information as I can get because NO ONE sees fit to share.

I went above and beyond to be as gracious and charming ( opposing counsels words, not mine ) in  order  to sort it out.

Is reception happy ?


Did admin. get an e mail detailing this situation ?


It has to be done better and more effectively  if the management wants to keep a sense of polished professionalism within the Houston legal small thing by the way .

Am I happy ?


Am I going to lay it at the door (s) of those responsible for creating this mess ?

Grab popcorn and watch me....


Aunty Pol