Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gary Gygax

Long ago and far away..oops...wrong line there.

In 1974 , a man by the name of Gary Gygax invented a game and a new way of thinking. It was called " Dungeons and Dragons."

I have always had a penchant towards Science Fiction and Fantasy, so when I was at the college, I'd heard ad nauseum abut DND.

I was curious........and then I was hooked.

Imagine, if you will...a game you could play with what we know as real time..face to face where you could take on the personality or avatar as it were of a Mage, a Elf..

And no one laughed their ass off.

Gary Gygax gave me back the right to deam..and the period which was with out question .the worst of my life.

I have some friends that I have played a variation of DND with for more than 5 years now.

Other games I am in are still valid...and we still play. Since 1975 Y'all.

Mr. Gygax,

Wether you knew it or small game changed the world .

Thank you.

I still have my original weird shaped dice ( thank you DH) and the manuel awarded to me when I became a Game Master. For the lifelong friends that I have made..I bow before the Master.

Blessed Be

Aunty Pol.

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