Sunday, October 26, 2008

This is what I miss this time of year.

A true Autumn.

It's been a lovely weekend....we were slugs more or less. I did the usual laundry bit and hisself did some home maint . we needed so all in all it was good. I did not try to do a lot in the yard as I have hurt my back again and have to really be careful. It's old and all of that , but there you are. It's gotten worse as the P2 makes it's progress and I know that I cannot change it, it is what it is. It just rather pisses me off since it always seems that what ever is in bloom right now looks so vibrant and I want to go play . The hydrangeas are sporting a lot of new growth as are the ornamental peppers and everyone is just popping out.


The kittehs are all frisky, we can barely get Sgt. Panda Pants and his sisser Miss Gracie Marie in the house...but for the bribes they would never come in when it's like this...glad they are happy campers. Even the puppys next door are extra " PLAY PLAY PLAY " ....they are sooo cute when they all get together and run the fence line.

Not much else....I re-scheduled jury duty for Halloween..intentionially....if I have to be there , I might as well be entertained.

Have a great week.


Aunty Pol

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