Friday, October 17, 2008

I know , I know

I know that it's been a while , but trust me , there has been a hell of a lot going on bear with me.
Lets start with IKE.
I chose to move here and I have to say that it is in the top five all time best decisions that I have ever made. When I left the South ( Virginia to be exact) for the left Coast , I was both young and dumb, newly married and of the opinion that it would be an adventure. Bear in mind this was pre Twin Peaks and all those other shows that showed the Pacific Northwest as Nirvana. Doom on me for loving Here Come The Brides.
To say it was awful is such an understatement that it would take this whole blog and I would be in tears by the end of it. Other than my best friend, her husband, my Godson and his bride...there isn't a thing I would go back for ....not now, not ever infinity and beyond.
And Best Friend says that " Dear, you've always been southern."
What a nice thing to say.
And how true.
Granted, I have lived through other hurricanes, Alicia in 1983 comes to mind...but I was younger , stupider and in an apartment.
IKE scared the crap out of us.
Yes, Rita and Katrina were as bad as we all remember.
That MOFO IKE's wall was 450 miles across.
More Later

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