Monday, September 08, 2008

Katz - Part Two

Sorry for the delay kids...not that all y'all care one way or the other, nor should you ..just being polite and all.

As stated earlier, the katz are highly spoiled and placate the 'rents by acting as if they in fact understand what we say..yes, we are that delusional. This includes , but is not limited to :


Not for kitty

It's not Caturday

Stop ( fill in the blank)

You get the idea. They all have their favorites as far as the treats ( Temptations) go and I of course am expected to remember the order , the preference and cater to the whim of those with four on the floor. Yeah, the person who occasionally forgets where she put her debit card, ( shut it dear, I can hear you , even from the office ) , is supposed to remember that if the triplets had chiggin yesterday.. no repeats.

Andy and Gracie Marie however are not picky..they like the fact that they might get to hoover more since the trips can snub ....TREATS.

That is the irony...they are treats....not the usual IAMs kibble in the bowls.


I've seen toddlers less picky.


It appears that Ike may try to spank us this week. I feel badly for those poor souls in Haiti . It's not like they had a pot to piss in before the storms imitated Sherman marching through Georgia..they just lave less than zero now. It appears that Ike is headed this way and won't make landfall till the end of the week , unless he gains speed. I don't know if at this point with the fourth real storm situation in the last month or so that we are all a tad weary about it, but there us a lot of Meh about the whole thing. Whine all you want to , panic you noobs ( when in danger , when in in circles...scream and shout....thanks Daddy..that still makes me chuckle.) or check the pantry and realize that it's gonna do what ever the hell it wants to...period.

The NG , Ms Jeri's folks are in from Thibideaux . The whole Houma- Thib area got smacked pretty good and her folks generator blew so they are gonna be here a while . The Crazy Cajun's people left NOLA for Atlanta and such..hello I guess we will look at the larder and go to Kroger...with everyone else.


Other than that , it's been fairly quiet of late. I made the SU suffer through an old movie we got in from NetFlix...a very old movie. I remember it as being better than it was . Of course , I haven't seen it in 30 odd years and am a self admitted fan of " Night if the Lepus ." . Anyhoo, if you are in the mood, invite some friends over, grab Scooby Snax and the beverage ( adult or otherwise of your choice ) and play MST3K with...Drum Roll Please....

" The Long Ships" staring Richard Widmark, Sidney Poitier , Russ Tamblyn and Oskar Homolka and Lionel Jefferies.

Discuss the following:

Poitier's theft of James Brown's hair.
Lionel Jefferies gay Eunuch in the harem raid..good times.
The choreography of the above harem raid.
The prologue.
What a nimble lil thing Russ Tamblyn was..eeesh.

Granted , I am a fan of " Flash Gordon " staring Buster Crabbe , the Marz Brothers..even Zeppo and the above mentioned " Night Of The Lepus " ( you want that bar b qued bunny to go ? Hee).. may be a while before i hear the end of this.

This film is right up there with " Joe vs The Volcano".

Oh well..on the other hand , " The Last Legion " with Colin Firth and Ben Kingsly wasn't bad at all and happy happy joy joy..Alton Brown's " Feasting On Waves " premiered last night......wheeeee.

Have a safe week.


Aunty Pol

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