Monday, October 07, 2013

For My Baby Dude

Dear Loki,
You were the BEST BOY for Dr. Tom, Daddy and I were so proud of you . I know that you are going to be okay because all of your bubbies and sissies and puppy cousins are up there and have Nip-Tini's and Tuna waiting just for you. Boshi wanted me to be sure to tell you that she misses you and she will be a good girl and will take care of the house. Gracie Marie will take care of the yard and will continue to take care of Aunt Lee Lee and Cindy Lou Who.

We love you baby and we will miss you every run along.....I hear the bag of Treatio's being opened.

Uncle John sends his love too and says that you will like Buster and Casper so there you go baby.

Always..kissy face , love the poo.

Mama and Daddy.

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kleinwort said...

(((Jane and Gordy)))
I knew this post was coming but I'm still in puddles. My love and prayers are with you and your furkids.