Monday, October 14, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday ~ !

First of all, mea culpa for all of those ghastly typo's in the previous post. Blogger is still acting up and if I don't catch them right away , I can't go back in and fully edit/correct. Y'all know me so it could and has been worse so there you go.

It's that time of year when the weather is one of two or rainy. I prefer the rainy since we really need it but I'll take what I can get. Hisself had to work on Saturday which was fine since I could putter around with laundry . He came home to get the old dvr box and I askedd him to pick up a bag of potting soil and red mulch..then I stopped and said that since I had some empty clay pots on the deck ( oh horrible hell) could he pick up a couple of somethings know the cute variety ? I know for the most part that it will be mums which is fine for a bit of fall , not in a comitted relationship kind of thing but them he surprised me with the above . I believe it is called Oxalis and is is really cute..full shade which is perfect for the pot that is next to the prayer plant wwe werew given a year ago after my stepmothers passing ( miracle of miracles..I haven't killed that one yet....But here's the thing, according to some of the reading that I did on the Oxalis, it is considered clover or dollar weeds prettier, Tri Delt pledge ..but still a weed.


Lets get a tiny grip here, shall we ?

I don't know about anyone else but if a plant that I have not planted pops up in the flower bed of container that is not one I's a weed. Some are prettier than others true, but if I didn't plant ya ...don't get all green giant cocky and think you won't be yanked because you bloom or could pass for a flower.

I want to finish top dressing all of the clay pots this week if I can may take a bit since you know who over did it din the drizzle yesterday..made sense to me since all of the soil would be damp and easy to work.

Time will tell.

Have a great week.

Aunty Pol

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kleinwort said...

You have a good one, too, hon! And what typos? Where? I don't see any typos in any of your posts. Ever. ;-D

I just grinned from ear to ear on your weed rant. My ex-father-in-law (you would have liked him) was a soil scientist for the USDA. The man could make rocks grow. He often observed something to this effect, with a twinkle in his eye, when people would ask him about getting rid of weeds:

A weed is nothing more than a plant growing where you don't want it to. If dandelions were rare, they'd be treasured. They got a cheery yellow blossom, have an interesting leaf form and their seed head is quite beautiful. Given a space of their own and some fertilization they grow quite large. And to top it all off, they are edible.

I agree. And I still yank 'em because, being prolific instead of rare, they would never stay where I wanted them to be!! Every once in a while, though, I'd let a volunteer live - usually a snapdragon that migrated over from another bed.