Friday, November 01, 2013

Happy Friday ~ Bruce Of The Day ~ !

Happy Friday everyone !
I know it's been a while ..what can I say ?
It's been a combo platter of getting used to a new environment at the Casa and frankly just nothing of any real interest to write about .

I mean many f'g recipes usig pumpkin are out there ? I swear I have seen them all. Have you ever noticed that some food item it the thing of the moment much less the year ? Well this year it is pumpkin. I am not actively going out of my way to find things to read/pin that don't use this item..yeah...lottsa luck there.

We've had the boat load of rain over the last few days and now that it's dry....thank you Jeebus. Last Sunday we lost power for 5 hours so I do what I do best..I rolled over and went back to sleep..yeah for ME ! It finally came back on and woe to any living creature that got between me and the coffee pot...I got skillz !  The yard had a bunch of debris but the roof was okay..yeah, that is the first thing..actually secong thing after checked the roof because since it was a year old, this kind of storm would be the one that would show the damages. Unfortunatly , out neighbot ( not the gals ) had another tree ripped out of her flower she is not a happy camper. This tree replaced to 40 year old eucalyptus tree that Ike ripped out so perhaps she should consider not replacing it..knowing Kay, that won't happen , too much drama to be wasted..mwahahah..she's like that .

And of course it is the time of the year where hisself has all these plans fest...he can't resist being out and about while I am just as happy puttering around or losing what little mind I have left playing candy Crush.

Before we know it , the full on consumer press for the holidays will here....oh's already here..

Le sigh.

Have a great weekend and if you're on the East Coast ( LADY L....You ...Yes  YOU..) please be careful..hear y'all have some high wind headed your way.

Stay safe.


Aunty Pol


kleinwort said...

Will do, hon! We're battened down, cinder blocks on the recycling and all, and I'm putting the winter shelter for the outdoor critters together today. Enjoy the weekend, too!

kleinwort said...

Oh, PS, just got tickets to see Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on Broadway in Jan!! They are doing TWO plays simultaneously. Waiting for Godot and No Man's Land. Since I've seen Godot a number of times, I chose No Man's Land. Seats 1 row off the stage. Can't wait!

It'll be my Christmas present to me. An expensive day (gahhhh... the price of Broadway tickets is unreal), but I figure it's a 2 for 1. Transportation is a steal though. MetroBus up and back $30. And yeah, I'll splurge for dinner with friends while I'm there.

Works out well. My friend will be drooling over Stewart. I have lusted after McKellen even longer than Stewart - since the 70's (his Chauvelin in the 80's had me dreamy for weeks-he managed to make a slimy character sympathetic), so it's really special for me. Yeah, I know, I know... it's my curse to find gay guys terribly attractive... Raymond Burr, Zachary Quinto, et al. LOL!!

We're excusing all this drooling and lusting by reminding ourselves the play has literary value! LOL!!